The Environment, Or What's Left Of It.

Things Green.
I'm not a rabid Greenie and I believe that, like most things that people get passionate about, there is as much rubbish as fact out there.

BUT, unless you are a complete moron all you have to do is look around you, check out the weather, see how many species are being wiped off the face of the earth or how many trees we continue to chop down to see something is not right. I'm not a scientist, or an authority in any way but I do think that where there is smoke there is fire. We need to have a damn good serious look at what we are doing to our planet before it gets so pissed off with us it starts to fight back.

The Eye Opener.

I first became aware of the environment in nineteen sixty eight when I witnessed the Yanks spraying Defoliant. I also saw the results and the aftermath. It was about then that I started to think there were somethings we shouldn't do to Mother Nature no matter what the military expedient or provocation. It didn't do a lot of people who got inadvertently sprayed much good either.

The Layman's View Point.
Since then I haven't developed into a tree hugger or a rabid greenie but I have kept a layman's eye on things. "Things" seem to me to be going down hill. The ice caps have been melting, animal species have been driven to extinction by man destroying their habitat, the oceans of the world are turning into plastic choked cess pools and we, as a society, pump a lot of crap into the air we breath. I'm no scientist but from the point of view of a layman I wonder how long we can keep gobbling up our resources like a child gorging itself in a chocolate shop. 

Wake up Call.
Someone needs to point out to the bean counters, and the corporate heads, that this planet has finite resources and sooner or later we are going to use them all up. Diminishing resources and exploding population seems like a ready made plot for the biggest Hollywood block buster ever dreamed up. Unfortunately our species might not live long enough to see the result.

The Weather Man.
I can't authoritatively  comment on the weather, I'm no expert, but in all my years I've never seen it quite like this. Floods on the east coast, heat in the middle and bush fires and floods in the west, with another cyclone threatening to blow away the northwest.  That's just Australia! All the record this and record that in the northern hemisphere should surely give us reason to think. I wonder if we should stop and listen for a bit, we might hear Mother Nature warning us if we keep it up we are going to get a smack.