Things that go Bump in the Night


This is a page on the paranormal. As I said in my first post I'm a skeptic but with an open mind. 

I don't hunt ghosts or belong to a UFO group, nor do I hear voices or live next door to a witch. Yes, I do take a lot of what is written and reported with a very large grain of salt and I think the para normal attracts a lot of people who have "issues". However there are also a small number of reports from stable and realistic people that makes you think. 

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Most people these days associate the term UFO with flying saucers and little green men from some where out there. I might remind you that the true meaning of the initials U. F. O. stand for Unidentified Flying Object. In the true sense of it's meaning it is a reference to anything that is airborne and unidentified.  That includes birds, aircraft, missiles, anomalous lights, and for alI I know Snoopy in his doghouse! Once said object is identified it is no longer a UFO! I have never seen anything that I could identify as a vehicle of possible interstellar origin and I've definately never seen any little green or grey men. Not even a green man with green polka dots or a flying pink elephant! That could be because I'm not a drinker. Having said that I am a retired pilot and I have to admit there have been a few things buzzing around up there without a registered flight plan. The sort of things that my crew and I have agreed it's best not to report  to our Commanding Officer.  I stress that I have never seen anything that I'd identify as a vehicle from out there. What we saw were UFOs - UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. If we'd been able to identify the damn things they would not have been, by definition, UFOs. Now, of all the UFOs reported, and some reports have been from very reputable people, only about five percent remain unidentified. I'm sorry but people do mistake common, and not so common, objects for UFOs. It's that five percent that worries me.


This is territory that I have no expertise in what so ever. I've never seen a ghost, ever. I have had one experience where something strange happened in a reputably haunted house. It scared the crap out of me and I never went back there again, nor do I intend to. I don't know if ghosts exist, or if they somehow exist in the minds of troubled people, but once again some very serious people believe they are out there and spend considerable time, money and resources trying to prove their existance. I am mindful that certain religious organisations, while denying they exist also provide trained clergy to banish them back to from wherever  they came.

Mediums, Fortune Tellers and other Spin Doctors.

From time to time one or the other of these allegedly gifted people turns up on television. I've spoken to reasonably well adjusted people who swear that these assorted spook pushers really can talk to the dead. Perhaps they can, perhaps they cannot but the thing that bothers me is that they all seem to make a lot of money from their "Gift". They may be genuine but it is an unfortunate fact that this is a rich and fertile ground for con artists to prey on the week, troubled and desperate.

The Min Min Light

Australia's celibrated "Ghost Light". Yes, I admit it, I've seen the damn thing, more than once, and it puzzles the hell out of me. I've chased it, and it has chased me. Chasing it is fun if futile, being chased by it gives the adrenalin a real boost and increases the blood pressure, especially on a lonely outback road in the middle of the night. All I really know about it is I doubt very much it's swamp gas and the native Australian Aboriginal people are very reluctant to talk about it.