Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas is not merry for some

O.K. So I lied. I said my next post would be on the 30th but today is only the 26th. I'm posting this today for two reasons, the first is because I'm gradually getting my head around using the design features of the blog. I've changed from the black template to something I think is easier to read. The black might look slick but I'm damned if I could read it easily.

The second reason is sadder and much more serious. I'm one of those people that gets to spend Christmas day on my own. My family is far away and I don't like to accept invitations from well meaning friends. I always feel like the odd man out at other people's Christmas celebrations. Some years, if I don't want  to be alone I'll go help the Salvos or something like that, so, you might say, I've learnt to tolerate Christmas. 

Other peope have not learnt to do the same, and for them Christmas is a very sad and depressing time. So sad that an elderly gentleman not far from me took his own life yesterday afternoon. Some of his immediate neighbours were terribly upset by the event but, once one asks around it soon becomes evident that no one thought to so much as wish him a Merry Christmas, or even invite him over for a cuppa. It's very easy to be sad and remorseful after the event. Especially when you've done bugger all to prevent it.

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