Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm still here

Yes, I know, I've been slack and posted nothing here since the 26th of January. I plead the terrible pressures of retirement and the tremendous work load that imposes. To my legions of readers (Ha, ha, ha.) I offer my apologies and suggest that if you are that dependent on reading an up to date Blog you better get a life.

Several things have diverted my attention away from writing  posts for this Blog, the first being that I am getting my first novel published and the demands of the Publisher, their media and promotion people and other assorted hangers on have taken up a large portion of my time.

The other diversion has been the discover of a dating site that is not only free but appears to have some quality in the people there on. (Yes dumb head, I have rediscovered the opposite gender.) To the Ladies who have graciously accepted my requests for conversation I offer my heart felt thanks. 

Finally if you are really desperate for some thing to read revisit this site in two days for an insight into O'Flaretty's Curse. 


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