Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Teaser

As I mentioned in my first post I've been lucky enough to score a book contract. The contract is for a trilogy , (working title) is the Guardians. Book one  (working title again) is Lost @ Infinity. Genre is Sci Fi, theme is an Environmental Armageddon 

So for those who might be interested here is an early draft of a scene from Lost @ Infinity:-

We arrived and took up our positions in orbit. The auditing process commenced immediately and I think we were all a little trepiditious about just what the measurements would reveal. We would be the first human beings to know just how much trouble our planet was in. The first measurements, of ocean condition, took less than a month to bring in and collate. They were not encouraging. As I think I have already mentioned each ship is bio mechanical, or more accurately, bio electronic and is a living thing, not our kind of life but life never the less. Each ship can communicate with the others at a speed of thousands of Terabytes per millisecond and the collation of vast quantities of data is accomplished in a flash. It took us a hell of a lot longer to digest the results but eventually, when we did, there were a lot of long faces. There was no doubt, in a hundred years Earth's oceans would be dead and so would most of the life there in. The repercussions of that revelation were catastrophic. Along with the death of the oceans huge amounts of methane would be released from their rotting depths and the Earth's atmosphere would strangle in it's own pollution. If we coupled that with data on global warming, forest degradation and the consumption of fossil fuel we could probably make a pronouncement on the future of mankind. Mass racial suicide and planetary homicide in the name of profit, indifference and self interest. We had to stop the bloody fools while there was still time.

While the planet decays and heads down the slow and painful road to oblivion the captains of industry smile obliviously and count their profits. They are supported by their cohorts of share holders, their bean counters and the all powerful gods of commerce. How can the pursuit of the dollar and the power it brings blind them to the possibility of a self inflicted death in their own lifetime. There are some, not surprisingly mostly of our own kind, who shout warnings in the wilderness but the power brokers ignore those desperate shouts and fob them off with another committee to study the problem, and then a committee to study the results of the committee. All the time the Armageddon that mankind fears advances closer while they choose to remain ignorant that their doom is of their own making.

Admittedly our science is far in advance of theirs and they had neither the skill, the apparatus, nor the records of other planets that had gone before but even with their primitive understanding the signs are there to read. All it would take is for mankind to get it's head out of it's arse and admit they have a problem. But mankind is nothing if not ever willing to ignore the warnings so we had a problem. To bring the human race kicking and screaming face to face with the approaching storm and to admit their complicity in it's progress. Once we had achieved that we might be able to convince them to do something about it.

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