Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Software

Please note! This is NOT an advertisement.
I use the software mentioned here but it's FREE and I derive no advantage or profit from it's use other than the proceeds from my writing.
I recommend it because I use it and it's bloody good!

I'm still getting used of becoming a published Author. By published I mean a main stream traditional Publisher with all the bells and whistles, things like a contract and advances against royalties, a media release for the first book in July or August and Editors and Publicists and all that good stuff.

The other side of getting published is the sudden attention. I have been ignored by all but a few friends for years and suddenly it seems every one wants to know me and seek my advice on writing - how the bloody hell would I know? I've been privileged to meet some very talented people , and some outright bloody fools as well. One of the most common questions I've been asked is if there is any good software for writers that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

OK people, here's the good news, I use a program designed especially for those interested in writing novels. In my opinion it's the bee's knees and provides every facility a novel writer could possibly ask for, and in addition it's FREE. The program is called yWriter and it's available for download from SpaceJock software. It's one of those rare and truly free programs, no spy ware, adware or trojans, no reams of advertising material and no hidden links to suspect URLs. It allows the writer to construct the novel by scene and chapter and provides for characterisation, revision and editing as well as listing various elements of the novel. On top of all that you don't need a degree in computer geek speak to use the damn thing. Oh, one more thing, updates are free, and download automatically.

To good to be true? Nope, go look for yourself, the URL is 

You might have a good look around the site while you are there, the site owner is an accomplished Author himself and besides the yWriter program he offers a few other very useful utilities for the budding author . Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the best part,  both the site and the author are Aussies too.

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